our commitment

From our high quality products and their proven effectiveness to sustainable packaging, fair trade practices and never testing on animals, we take pride in doing business right. Our core belief is that people, plants, and planet are more important than profit. Be good, do good!

the mambino
organics story

Founded in the fall of 2006 by Maki, the eastern European skincare specialist, herbalist and educator of organic living. Mambino Organics is an absolute passion ignited at a young age when Maki had her own trials with acne. For the last 15 years Maki has been facialist to some of the most well known faces in Hollywood. The question of what is safe to use during pregnancy was being posed daily by her clients and family. With Maki’s education in herbs, plants, natural remedies, raw organic foods and the healing power of aromatherapy, she began formulating custom products for her clients from her own kitchen. It was an immediate hit and soon everyone was asking where they could buy more.

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