Pregnancy & Skincare

A woman's skin goes through many changes, both internally and externally over the course of a pregnancy. As a general rule: keep things simple. I'm not talking about a box of chocolate on the couch simple. Try exercise, good nutrition and a proper skin regiment to alleviate the minor discomforts of pregnancy. As your pregnancy progresses, your skin changes, breasts grow, your abdomen swells and your waistline disappears. It's hardest in the beginning when you look like you've put on weight, but it does get easier as you transition into the second trimester and there's no mistaking you're pregnant! During pregnancy some skin becomes oily or more dry than usual. Women that never had acne get breakouts (sorry) and those who are acne prone see an improvement (congratulations) in their skin. Eat organic food and use organic and 100 % natural skincare, its just better for you and your baby. 

What to do: 

Good skin cleansing is step one to balanced healthy skin. Wash your face with a mild cleanser twice a day (foaming cleanser if you have more oily skin or milky for normal/dry skin). Exfoliate a few times a week. If you are breaking out, try using witch hazel astringent and clay mask to keep your pores clean and tight. A dab of tea tree oil or organic white vinegar will keep blemishes at bay. Your skin is also more sensitive to the sun, which could lead to getting "mask of pregnancy," especially during the second trimester (brownish or yellowish patches) so good sun protection is very important with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Try natural mineral based make-up or tinted moisturizer. They're simply a healthier choice. As the breasts and abdomen grow, you may need extra help in keeping your skin supple and elastic to prevent tearing, scarring and stretch marks. 

What to do: 

It will help if you gain only the recommended amount of weight (usually 25-35 pounds), and do so slowly. Bag of chips back in the cubby, eat healthy and exercise. Natural emollients, such as oils and belly butters that are rich in essential fatty acids and natural antioxidants, should be applied daily to stomach, breasts, buttocks and thighs. Although most stretching occurs in the later part of a pregnancy, it is important to nourish and lubricate these areas in the earlier stages, especially if you are prone to dry, itchy skin. Use only mild sulfate-free soaps when washing and avoid hot showers or baths as they can dry out the skin. 

What to avoid: 

Do not use any creams that contain AHA (glycolic acid), over the counter acne medicated creams with salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or sulfur; Also avoid retinol creams. Above all, remember to take the time to take care of you and embrace your blossoming beautiful body!