Meet Maki
The Story of Maki

"One of the essential facts I learned as an esthetician is that the skin is alive and that with proper care it can and will regenerate itself. My ultimate goal was to create fresh products from the finest, hand picked 100% natural ingredients, made with low or no heat processing so as not to effect the nutritional potency of the raw ingredients. Our products are based on the wisdom of nature to help heal, repair and regenerate, working in harmony with the skin for the well being of expecting mothers and their infant children".

Maki's passion for skincare ignited at a young age when she had her own trials with teen acne while still living at home in Belgrade, former Yugoslavia.
Her grandmother crushed vegetables from the garden, mixed with herbal clay to create Maki's first experience with facials. It helped, which caused Maki to begin her research on why her skin was having issues and why her grandmothers treatment made a difference.

When she moved to the United States, Maki worked for US Airways Airline as an international flight attendant. Her skin began to trouble again. The stress of being away from her family, extensive travel and different foods played a big role. "Everything was new to me and along the away I forgot what I had learned back home". It was during this time that Maki began what was to become years of study in herbal chemistry, skincare formulations,
biodynamically grown herbs, nutrition and aromatherapy. She began mixing homeopathic remedies in her own kitchen. Visiting Sonia Dakar Skin Clinic in Beverly Hills, CA, Maki's extensive knowledge caught Sonia's attention, leading to Maki working side by side the renowned skincare expert.

In 2003 Maki left Sonia Dakar Skin Clinic and started working at the world famous Ole Henriksen Face and Body Spa in West Hollywood, California. She quickly became the facialist to some of the most well known faces in Hollywood such as Katy Perry, Lisa Kudrow, Wentworth Miller, Linda Evangelista and Shakira. She has made TV appearances on ABC's Extreme Makeover and on Networks such as MTV UK and Telemundo to name a few.

In 2006 Maki and her husband Andy co-founded the p
remium face & body skincare line, Mambino Organics (the words mama and bambino together) featuring the worlds most precious and effective natural ingredients paired with scientific research to provide great, healthy results. Mambino Organics was one of the first companies to introduce holistic and 100% natural and organic products for expecting moms to the U.S. market. Too many products claiming to be natural were and many still are either filled with 'fake' natural ingredients, preserved with parabens, contaminated with synthetic chemicals, petroleum products or the ever-present sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate in many different forms. Green or sustainable natural chemistry was in its infancy. "The idea for Mambino came from expecting clients and my own sister who was pregnant at the time asking me for a truly clean, toxin free line of products".

Maki has been caring for people's skin for over 20 years. In 2014 she also opened her own facial studio in the heart of the beautiful coastal city of San Clemente, South of Los Angeles, where you can find the most cutting edge skincare treatments paired with holistic and highly effective botanicals. "Everyone deserves beautiful skin and with my custom facial treatments and a proper regimen I will guide you there".